This form is most user friendly when filled out on a computer and can’t be saved in progress.
Please be advised that you will need to fill out a separate application for each camper that is applying.
Bunk requests will be emailed at a later date and are not on this application.
Transportation Information: Please note that we are offering transportation through Presidential Bus Service for our campers in Lakewood and for most areas of Toms River, Manchester, & Jackson. If we are unable to reach your area, we will let you know in the beginning of May. We expect that most of Jackson & Toms River will be ok for corner stops. Due to significant increases in bussing fees from our bus company for areas outside of Lakewood, the fee is higher for those areas.
Please note: Due to major trips, there will be one day first half without PM transportation and one day second half without AM transportation.

This application is for new families. As you are a returning family, please visit and follow instructions to setup your portal and apply. Be sure to use the email associated with your account. If you have any questions, email [email protected].

Account Information



Emergency Contact


We are only able to provide transportation to Lakewood, Toms River & Jackson zip codes.
Your child's current and next year grade are the same, please correct.
Please email us before completing this application so we can discuss it together and be sure that camp will be a good fit for her.

Payment Information

Payment Schedule:
Upon Acceptance: Initial $250 per camper, per half non-refundable deposit (this will be applied towards your total).
The remaining balance (including transportation fees, if applicable) will be split into 3 payments which will charged on the following dates:
  1. February 15, 2024
  2. March 15, 2024
  3. May 15, 2024
A detailed breakdown of payments will be listed on your acceptance email.
Prior to February 15th, 2024: $250 service fee per camper, per half.
February 15th - May 15th, 2024: Additional $250 per camper, per half (total $500).
After May 15th 2024: No refunds.
Payment can be via credit card (a 3% processing surcharge will be added to credit card payments) or directly from your bank via eCheck (ACH) which does not have a processing surcharge. Following the initial deposit, all balances will be automatically charged per the above schedule. Please make sure to have sufficient funds available in your account on the scheduled dates. Please use the button below to complete your payment. If you'd like to make alternate payment arrangements after your initial deposit, please email [email protected].
For ach payments, please fill out routing and account numbers as pictured below.

Tznius guidelines:
Camp Neranina strives to provide a Torahdik environment befitting a true Bas Yisroel. We appreciate your cooperation! The following are guidelines for girls entering first grade and up.
  • Skirts must cover the knees at all times & knee socks should be worn.
  • Necklines and elbows should always be covered.
  • Shirts with large words should not be worn.
  • Nail polish should not be worn.
We hope be"H that we will be able to open and run at full capacity. As such, our staff is hard at work preparing for an amazing season iy"H. In the event that we are unable to go on trips that can work well for our campers and are compliant, we will reconfigure out programming for exciting alternate activities as we did for 2020. We reserve the right to make any necessary changes to our dates, hours, schedule or program, if need be. If we are unable to open, a portion of your deposit may not be refunded as we will need to cover expenses incurred up to that point.