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If you need assistance, please contact the Registrar, Mrs. Esther Keller at (216) 382-3300 ext.372 or email registration@hac1.org. For camp registration please email campstep@hac1.org

Application For Non 22-23 HAC Student

PLEASE NOTE: If your child is currently enrolled in HAC for 2022-2023, please apply for camp in the forms section of the parent portal. Please do not use this application.


PLEASE NOTE: All K'tan Tan Campers MUST BE TOILET TRAINED to attend.

K'tan Tan Division Forms


K'tan Tan Division Forms


K'tan Tan Division Forms


K'Tan Tan Division


Current School

Parent Information


Father's Spouse (if applicable)

Home Address


Mother's Spouse (if applicable)

Home Address

Other Information

Emergency Contacts

ALL EMERGENCY CONTACTS MUST LIVE WITHIN ONE HOUR OF SCHOOL. Parents cannot be listed as emergency contacts. Any person listed should be able to assist in contacting you. The people listed must be able to take responsibility for the child in case the parents cannot be reached and should be at least 18 years of age.

Emergency Contact 1
Emergency Contact 2



Medical Condition

Food Allergies

What food(s) is your child allergic to?

Treatment Options

Seasonal Allergies

Treatment Options

Medication Allergies

Treatment Options



Payment Information

Total Due: 

Please complete the payment information below. Camp charges for your child will be adjusted upon receipt of the County’s Placement Letter. Please contact Mrs. Malkie Neuman at neumanm@hac1.org or 216-727-3004 for any questions.
Please contact Mrs. Malkie Neuman at neumanm@hac1.org or 216-727-3004.
Please choose ACH or credit card. A 3% procesing fee will be added when choosing the credit card option.

Consents and Signature

PLEASE NOTE: All registrations are final. No refunds can be provided. You will receive an acceptance decision within 2 weeks. Submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance into camp. Additionally, tuition balances need to be resolved before acceptance into camp.